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Boom Lift for Sale

Pronto Access specialises in providing new and used boom lifts for sale. Boom lifts are a type of aerial lift that provide greater maneuverability and higher lift heights than scissor lifts. There are two basic types of boom lifts. Articulating boom lifts have multiple sections connected by joints and are ideal for hard-to-reach places. Telescopic boom lifts have extending sections with a platform at the end and are optimal for higher weight capacities.

Choosing the right boom lift is important to get the job done. We supply both articulating and telescopic boom lifts for sale from leading manufacturers and can advise on the right equipment based on your access requirements.

Pronto Access has over 20 years of industry experience providing boom lifts and other access machinery. We leverage our direct relationships with leading manufacturers to get you the best prices on all access equipment.

New Boom Lift For Sale

Pronto Access supplies new boom lifts for sale in Sydney from leading and reputable manufacturers. We ensure quality, durable, and versatile new boom lift machinery that’ll suit whatever your access needs are. Our service doesn’t just stop with the purchase of your new boom lifts. We offer ongoing maintenance and support when you need it, to ensure your new boom lifts are maintained in top condition.

Our new boom lifts for sale allow you to fulfil a range of reach requirements in Sydney. Whether you need up, over, and out access, Pronto Access’ new boom lift machinery will get the job done. We’ve been supplying new boom lifts and providing professional, sound advice on various access equipment needs for over 20 years. For new boom lifts for sale in Sydney you can rely on, Pronto Access is the leading supplier to get in touch with.


Pronto Access offers competitive boom lift prices from leading manufacturers. We’ll work with you to find the right machine even if you have a strict budget.

Used Boom Lift for Sale

Pronto Access supplies quality used boom lifts for sale. All machines are maintained and regularly serviced to ensure the proper functioning of all functions. We also offer ongoing maintenance for our used boom lifts according to Australian standards. Buying used or second hand boom lifts for sale are a smart and economical choice for when you need prompt, reliable, and versatile access equipment. Our second hand boom lifts are ensured to be sold in exceptional working condition, providing you with a more affordable solution to all your access needs in Sydney.

If you’re asking, “Is there a new or used boom lift near me?” we’re here to help. We’ve established a strong reputation for providing customers with the best possible solutions for their access requirements.

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Telescopic Boom Lift vs Articulating Boom Lift

Despite there being many similarities, there are clear differences between telescopic boom lifts vs articulating boom lifts. Telescopic boom lifts are access machines that extend the work platform in a straight line from the base chassis, whereas articulating boom lifts have multiple ‘hinges’. Both are used to access hard to reach places, however telescopic boom lifts are able to reach higher areas whereas articulating boom lifts are best used for narrow, tight, and more difficult to reach places that straight telescopic boom lifts cannot reach.

Telescopic boom lifts are also known as straight boom lifts, telescopic straight boom lifts, or straight stick boom lifts. Articulating boom lifts on the other hand are also referred to as knuckle boom lifts.

Getting the right boom lift type for your access needs will save you valuable resources, time, and provide a more efficient workflow for your workers. At Pronto Access, we supply a range of new and used boom lifts in Sydney, including telescopic or straight boom lifts for sale, as well as articulating (and knuckle) boom lifts for sale.

Buy Boom Lifts at Pronto Access

Work safely at height and get the reach you need with our range of access equipment. We offer boom lifts for sale with varying height and weight capacities. When you buy boom lifts from us, we can provide ongoing maintenance according to Australian Standards. Your equipment is kept in optimal condition, minimising downtime and increasing productivity.

We’re able to source equipment from leading manufacturers including Genie, JLG, Skyjack, Snorkel, Haulotte, UpLift, and Quicklift. We can even source more specialised equipment such as trailer mounted boom lifts and scissor lifts. Simply let us know what kind of boom lift you’re looking for and your access requirements, and we’ll help you find the right equipment that fits your budget and needs.

Telescopic Boom Lift or Straight Boom Lift

Telescopic boom lifts or otherwise known as straight boom lifts offer greater horizontal reach than a standard scissor lift, making them perfect for construction and industrial applications. You can choose from a range of quality straight boom lifts that offer varying height capacities.

Straight boom lifts or telescopic boom lifts are your ideal access machinery for when you need to reach high heights that are open or more easy to access. A common use of straight boom/telescopic boom lifts is reaching high altitudes of buildings, so that workers can access and carry out any maintenance and repair needed – whether it be window cleaning, electrical services, construction, etc.

Articulating Boom Lift or Knuckle Boom Lift

Articulating boom lifts, or knuckle boom lifts, have built in hinges that allow them to access more challenging spaces. They’re a more versatile option that allows for flexible reach and access when you need, while providing safety for your workers. Our articulating boom lifts and knuckle boom lifts for sale include electric or engine-powered boom lifts for indoor as well as outdoor use – especially in uneven and rough terrain.

Electric Boom Lift

For noise-sensitive work environments, we offer electric boom lifts that enable quiet and emission-free operation. Electric boom lifts that we offer from Genie are well-suited for use in public areas such as airports and shopping centres. Get electric knuckle boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts at Pronto Acces today.

Mobile Boom Lift

Mobile boom lifts are specifically designed for jobs that require greater mobility around the work site and a more productive alternative to scissor lifts. These types of lifts are often used for applications like maintenance and utility work where portability is important.

Boom Lift Price

The price on a boom lift for sale depends on the working height and weight capacity needed, and the type of machine you buy. Prices can range from $15,000 all the way up to $80,000 or more on the high end. If you decide to purchase a used boom lift from us, we offer ongoing maintenance to ensure that your machinery is kept in optimal condition.

Choosing the right equipment is important to safely working at height. If you are not sure which boom lift is right for you, simply let us know and we can advise on the best access equipment based on your exact needs and budget.

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