Personnel Lift for Sale

Pronto Access specialises in providing new and used access machinery for sale. We source aerial work platforms such as personnel lifts from leading manufacturers. Their compact size makes it easy for a single person to setup and safely work at height on a wide range of commercial tasks.

Working at height requires choosing the right elevated work platform. Whether it’s for light-duty construction purposes or routine maintenance work, we’ll help you find the right personnel lift for your access requirements. This way, you can maximise your productivity and improve efficiency around any worksite.

Pronto Access has over 20 years providing new and used personnel lifts. Because we’re located nearby, we’re able to deliver quick turnaround services.


Personnel Lift Platform

Personnel lifts are built with advanced technical inputs and employ a traditional sliding rail mast design using only high quality components. These machines allow single operators to reach medium heights with ease. Many can even be loaded onto a pickup truck and transported to different worksites.

Personnel lifts are highly versatile machines being lightweight and compact in size, and work best in areas where space is limited. Some are manual in operation while others are electric powered. Both are durable machines built for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. If you’re looking to buy a personnel lift platform, we have a range of options you can choose from at Pronto Access.

Pronto Access can source any new or used personnel lift platform. All machines we supply are sourced directly from reputable manufacturers.

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Custom Personnel Lift

Custom personnel lifts incorporate a range of practical features and safety standards that offer a productive alternative to other platforms such as crane suspended personnel platforms. If you’re looking for a custom personnel lift, we can source more specialised access equipment with the features you need.

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Single Personnel Lift

Single personnel lifts are built for single operators for easy operation and are commonly used for light duty tasks. Having ergonomically designed stainless steel cages make for convenient operation and enhanced safety – meaning you can get the job done without risking any injury.

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Dual Personnel Lift

Dual personnel lifts are an industry favourite because of their ease of use, lightweight manoeuvrability, and extra space to fit two operators at a time. Their durable design makes them suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

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Electric Personnel Lift

Electric personnel lifts produces zero-emissions during its operation, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as residential and commercial properties. Their compact size also enables a high degree of mobility even in tight spaces.

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Manual Personnel Lift

Manual personnel lifts can be operated by a single person with minimal effort. Rubber tyres allow the machine to be easily moved into place and can be operated by simply turning the handle. As with other personnel lifts, these units come with a full guardrail to keep the operator safe at all times.

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Industrial Personnel Lift

Industrial personnel lifts are built for more heavy duty jobs that require higher weight and height capacities. Their durable design ensures greater stability across a range of industrial related tasks.

Personnel Lift Price

The price for a personnel lift depends on the height and weight capacity needed but can range from $10,000 for a mobile personnel lift to $25,000 or more for a self propelled personnel lift. Whatever your access requirements, we work closely with you to deliver a solution that fits your budget and needs.

Operating the right equipment is important for safely working at height. We’re able to source quality equipment from leading manufacturers such as Genie, JLG, SkyJack, Snorkel, Haulotte, UpLift, and Quicklift. Simply let us know your access requirements and we’ll help you find the right personnel lift.

Pronto Access can source any personnel lift you’re looking for. We have a range of equipment from leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices in the industry.


Used Personnel Lift for Sale

Pronto Access supplies high-quality and fully functioning used access equipment for sale. Whether it be for light duty work or more demanding jobs, we have a range of used personnel lifts with varying capacities. We offer ongoing maintenance on our used personnel lifts according to Australian Standards to ensure your equipment is kept in optimal condition.

Buying used offers great value and can help save thousands of dollars. All of our machines are regularly serviced and maintained. If you’re asking, “Where can I buy a personnel lift near me?” we’re here to help. We have established a strong reputation for providing access equipment at competitive prices.

Call us now on 1300 92 6122 for more details about our personnel lifts for sale or send your inquiry to We’re happy to advise on the best possible solution for your access requirements.

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