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Boom lifts are a type of aerial lift that provide greater maneuverability and higher lift heights than scissor lifts. We sell two types of boom lifts: Articulated and Telescopic, from trusted brands like Genie and JLG.

For noise-sensitive work environments, we offer Electric lifts that enable quiet and emission-free operation. We also offer Mobile lifts that are specifically designed for jobs that require greater mobility around the work site and a more productive alternative to scissor lifts. These types of lifts are often used for applications like maintenance and utility work where portability is important.

Boom lifts can go as high as 10 meters to 56 meters, depending on their type. The price range from $15000 to $80000. With proper maintenance, your boom lift machines should last up to 30 years. We deliver our machinery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities across Australia.

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