Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric Scissor Lifts for Sale from Genie and JLG

Electric scissor lifts are powered by a silent mechanism designed to have a long battery life. You can get them directly from us, just like rough terrain scissor lifts. Our team can help you choose which type of scissor lift will serve your needs better.

They can vary dramatically in price, ranging from $10,000 for smaller machines to even $50,000 for larger models. When choosing a lift it’s important to consider factors such as: maximum working height, capacity, machine width, length and weight. Pronto Access Equipment will help you figure out the best choice for your requirements.

Just like with the price, the differences in specifications between machines are big. They can weigh anything between 900 kg and 4000 kg. By the same token, their capacity is between 200 kg and 500 kg. Their weight doesn’t directly influence their capacity so always check both measurements before purchasing machinery.

Rest assured that we sell electric scissor lifts to fit all requirements. Our new and second-hand equipment comes from reputable manufacturers only, including Genie and JLG. You don’t have to worry about the transport as we can deliver to major cities in Australia such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and more.

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